All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

Imagine you are given the opportunity to learn a new skill. Not just any old skill but a skill that might help you find work, that might help you connect to other people, that might give you the ability to reach out to people.

woman despairing behind a laptopThen imagine that you are learning this skill but you have no-one to share it with, that there is no-one for you to talk to on Skype, no-one to email. That you won’t experience the pleasure of knowing that email arrived and had been read..or even better get a response back telling you that you have succeeded! 

Many UCanDoIT learners have no friends or family online which is why we want to create a volunteer hub, to give our learners (and anyone else who would like to help out) an opportunity to gain real office skills which could help them in their search for work and help build confidence. The volunteers would help UCanDoIT learners practice the skills they gain on our courses.

We have been given the opportunity to receive match funding (match funding means a donation of £5 will be doubled to £10, £10 to £20 and so on) towards our volunteer hub during this year’s Big Give Christmas Challenge on Thursday 5th December, Friday 6th December and Saturday 7th December. It’s on a first come first served basis so we need you to get in early.

To donate please go here and donate as near to 10 a.m. as you can on any of the days mentioned above.


About ucandoitsblog

UCanDoIT is a charity that teaches IT skills to people with disabilities on a one to one basis in their own homes.
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