Helping Carers Help Themselves

“I was invited to attend the Wandsworth Carer’s network support group to talk about the service we offer at UCanDoIT. ” says Mary Payne, CEO of UCanDoIT.

As I myself am a carer for my beloved aged parents I found myself drawn into the group talking about my caring experiences (with some tears and some laughter I have to say). But then that is what support groups are all about. If you are a carer I fully recommend joining your nearest carers support group.  

UCanDoIT’s role has previously been to train the person who is dependent on the carer and this we have done since 1998. We are now turning our attention to taking care of the carer’s themselves.

We want to enable them to develop their IT skills, to train the carer how to shop online, pay bills online and, hopefully, to enable carers to grab some quality time back for themselves safe in the knowledge that some of the mundane tasks have been taken over by the internet. More importantly the carers will have the IT skills to support and encourage the disabled learner with their internet journey.

Image group of people with olympic torch

UCanDoIT CEO Mary Payne with the Olympic Torch at Wandsworth Carers Centre

I did finally get to do a presentation and finished up with a photo session with the Olympic Torch. I carried the Olympic torch last year, not just for me, but for every person with a disability who faces challenges every day of their life and also for those unsung hero’s the CARER’S.”


About ucandoitsblog

UCanDoIT is a charity that teaches IT skills to people with disabilities on a one to one basis in their own homes.
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