World Sickle Cell Day

This Wednesday is World Sickle Cell Day – Sickle Cell is a hereditary, often debilitating, life-long blood condition. This day was created by the United Nations to recognise that sickle-cell anaemia is one of the world’s foremost genetic diseases.

Approximately 14,500 people in the UK have Sickle Cell Disorder – the effects of this disease include severe pain, anaemia, and damage to major organs. It can result in frequent hospital stays, disability, incapacity to work and poor school attendance.

This is the story of Cynthia who has Sickle Cell:

Photograph of woman sitting on a wall

UCanDoIT learner Cynthia

“When I first started the UCanDoIT course I only knew the basics of a computer and how to use the Internet. I have learnt so many different skills since; I also managed to complete a beautician’s course while doing the UCanDoIT course. This was not easy juggling 2 courses and also raising my 20 month old daughter at the same time.

After completing the UCanDoIT course I have progressed so much so that I am now confident enough to set up my own business! I spend a lot more time on the Internet now and am researching avenues to better my success in kick starting this business.

I now possess the skills and knowledge to produce promotional material for setting up my own business and am now confident enough to design and email my own business cards and flyers for print.

Knowing that this tuition was available at home for people with disabilities was invaluable to me. I attended a basic course at a local college and was unsuccessful, if anything, it actually put me off going to study further! I am now considering further education online.”

For further information visit the Sickle Cell Society at


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UCanDoIT is a charity that teaches IT skills to people with disabilities on a one to one basis in their own homes.
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